Palm Bee Sustainability

At Palm Bee sustainability is one of our top values. We don’t mass produce. We create more individual clothing ranges in smaller quantities meaning we don’t have product wastage. At our central warehouse we recycle all materials possible. We carbon offset all of our flights. We invest in shipping bag which are made from plants not plastic and will break down within 6 months once placed in landfill. They have been created in such a way that in the event you have to return an item you will be able to reuse the shipping bag your items were delivered in.

Palm Bee understands without Bees our food supplies can disappear. We proudly support the most incredible organisation SAVE THE BEES - an Australian social enterprise focused on community education and advocacy for Australian native bees and European honeybees. Along with their endeavours they have created a honey map that allows beekeepers to sell their ethically produced honey to the local community

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Bees play a vital role in our ecosystem, and we are proud to support this foundation. We urge you to visit their website for more information or better yet donate to this amazing organisation.

Bee The Cure Website